Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Father's Day Prayer!

Expect God To Move In Your Life!

1 John 4:4

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Our 3 dogs were Fluffy a Keshond and Muffin, a mixed German Shepard, and Star, a Collie. I was a runner years ago, and they would go running with me. My husband's runway in our back field, was a 1/2 mile long, and I would run up and down waiting for my youngest daughter's school bus. The dogs went with me every step of the way. I miss them to this day, when I see runners on the street who bring back those memories!
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11 Fun Outdoor Games for the Family

Whether you are planning to attend a family reunion, go on a camping trip or hang with your friends on the beach, having these games handy is a must!

How to Use Peppermint Oil to Make a Natural Insect Repellent

Use peppermint oil in this easy to make homemade insect spray to effectively repel mosquitoes and other flying bugs.

Have a Wonderful Saturday!

Song of the Bluebird by Zula Kenyon

Cozinest Hollow
Song of the Bluebird by Zula Kenyon
Zula mainly used pastels and often would grind her own colors in order to obtain the quality she desired for her work. She worked in a studio at the calendar company in Joliet, Illinois for around 12 years before moving out west due to health problems. She continued producing artwork for calendar prints up into the late 1930's.

Heavenly Father!

John 16:33

Psalm 34:3

Thinking Is Difficult!

Denis Waitley!

Psalm 51:10

Don't Hurt People!

He Is Always the Same!

Your Name!

His Word!

A Blessing!

Never Give Up!

Psalm 46:1

Friday, June 16, 2017

There's Beauty All Around You!

Lord Your Children Are Here To Worship You!

O' Dear Father…

Psalm 46:1

Proverbs 16:11

It's the Laughter…

Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love Of God

Harper Lee Quote

Garden of Bright Images
Artwork: Gustave Caillebote

Hello Friday!

Heavenly Father

Hello Friday!

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Peaceful Moments for Women
The Lord is my shepherd, he loads me daily with benefits 
I'm a champion because he knows my needs before I ask.

Daughter Of the King!

Dear Lord…

Never Lose Hope!