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How to Create Marbled Easter Eggs With Shaving Cream

Your kids will love getting messy with this colorful, easy craft.

The Sisters 1900

The Sisters

Girl With A Doll

Girl With A Doll

Young Girl In Blue Dress

Young Girl In Blue Dress

Hens and Chickens

Travel Poster

Poultry Yard

Jakob Samuel Beck. (1715-1788) —(1024×846)

Mary Dowie

Mary Dowie




“Jesus said … ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die’”

Girl With Red Dress

Girl With Red Dress

Listening To Mum

Listening To Mum

In the Classroom

In The Classroom

Plant, Grow, and Harvest Love!

Isaiah 26:3-4

Seek the Lord!

Thomas Moore, "The Light House," c.1811 Quote

Moments and Memories .
One moment I gaz'd from the hill's gentle slope,
All hush'd was the billows' commotion,
And tho't that the Light-house look'd lovely as Hope,
That star of life's tremulous ocean.

~Thomas Moore, "The Light House," c.1811

Sunny Days!


Psalm 55:22

Thomas Carlyle Quote

Artwork: Arthur Hopkins

Psalm 23

Matthew Henry Commentary Psalm 18:1-19

Matthew Henry Commentary Psalm 18:1-19
The first words, I will love thee, O Lord, my strength, are the scope and contents of the psalm. Those that truly love God, may triumph in him as their Rock and Refuge, and may with confidence call upon him. It is good for us to observe all the circumstances of a mercy which magnify the power of God and his goodness to us in it. 
David was a praying man, and God was found a prayer-hearing God. If we pray as he did, we shall speed as he did. God's manifestation of his presence is very fully described, ver. 7-15. Little appeared of man, but much of God, in these deliverances. It is not possible to apply to the history of the son of Jesse those awful, majestic, and stupendous words which are used through this description of the Divine manifestation. 
Every part of so solemn a scene of terrors tells us, a greater than David is here. God will not only deliver his people out of their troubles in due time, but he will bear them up under their troubles in the mean time. Can we meditate on ver. 18, without directing one thought to Gethsemane and Calvary? 
Can we forget that it was in the hour of Christ's deepest calamity, when Judas betrayed, when his friends forsook, when the multitude derided him, and the smiles of his Father's love were withheld, that the powers of darkness prevented him? 
The sorrows of death surrounded him, in his distress he prayed, Heb 5:7. God made the earth to shake and tremble, and the rocks to cleave, and brought him out, in his resurrection, because he delighted in him and in his undertaking.
Psalm 18:12

God gets the final word on who we are. And He says we are beloved and chosen, cherished and gifted, wanted and divinely-shaped wonders.
When someone says, “You’ll never amount to anything,” He says, “You can do all things because I strengthen you” (Php. 4:13).
When someone tells us, “You don’t look the right way,” He whispers, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” (Ps. 139:14).
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Psalm 143:7-9 My Soul Thirsts for You

Your Life Is God's Gift To You!


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