Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Importance of Hymns

Little Birdie Blessings

There are over one thousand scriptures in the Bible which reference music 
in one form or another.   
Hymns were instilled in me from a very young age, they came naturally 
to me, and I learned very quickly.  The Lord gifted me with an ear for music, 
and He had future plans for me to use that gift.

As I’ve mentioned here before, I am the pianist for our church and have played 

the piano since I was four years old.  The old hymns are near and dear to me.  
I can remember an old pump organ in our home that I liked to play.  There was 
just one problem…. I couldn’t reach the pedals.  My sisters took pity on me and 
would pump them for me so the sound would come out while I played. 
Missionary and author, Elisabeth Elliot says this about hymns:

One of the things that I think is so important and often neglected nowadays 
is the learning of hymns, because it’s an easy way to learn theology. 
My father was not a theologian, but he was a very, very devout Christian 
and a writer and an editor of a Christian magazine. But we sang a hymn every 
single morning after breakfast. Because of that, we children learned hymns 
by heart without any effort whatsoever.

Little Birdie Blessings

Elizabeth Preniss

Elizabeth Prentiss, who wrote the hymn  More Love to Thee, O Christ (1856) had this 
to say about her life.  Much of my experience of life has cost me a great price and 
I wish to use it for strengthening and comforting other souls.  

Fanny Crosby

Blind hymn writer Fanny Crosby had NO earthly vision.  
I know from studying her life and her hymns, what she lacked in physical vision 
with her eyes, she made up for it with the eyes of her heart.  She wrote 
thousands of hymns that touched people deeply, still today. 

Without the blindness, some of the popular hymns below would never have 
been heard. 
All the way My Savior Leads Me
Blessed Assurance
He Hideth My Soul
Praise Him! Praise Him!  
Saved by Grace
To God Be The Glory
and thousands more
You don’t have to be musical to enjoy the old hymns or appreciate the words. 

Old hymn books can often be found in thrift stores or in used book stores. 
Sometimes just reading the words will minister to your soul. 

Often with the hymns I’m familiar with, I’ll say them rather than sing them 
and the words take on new meaning with the different approach. 

The Cyber Hymnal is a huge database of hymns and the history behind them.  
Searchable in many different ways.  You can even hear the tune to a hymn if 
you're not familiar with it.

If you are struggling with a burden, a load, a heavy heart, sing hymns and 
I guarantee you'll feel your burden lift. 
But I will sing of your strength,
n the morning I will sing of your love; 

for you are my fortress, 
   my refuge in times of trouble.
Psalm 59:16 (NIV)

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