Friday, June 2, 2017


Objects, Artifacts, and Places

Bible teachers have long brought Bible stories to life with coloring pages and other visual representations of Bible people and events. These have proven to be great tools for making Bible lessons fun and interesting. (That's why we include them on Sunday School Zone.) In this week's featured blog post, Kim Bond provides suggestions for using information about Bible objects, artifacts, and places in your lessons.

The Story of God's Care for Us

Jesus taught people to trust God and to put Him first in their lives. Why? Because God has promised to take care of those who trust Him. If God can care for the animals and plants on earth, we can rest assured He is caring for us as well. Click hereor on the image for free Bible activities that highlight this important parable in Jesus' ministry.

Instagram Reminders

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God Stopped the Jordan River

God had called Joshua to take the Promised Land, but there was one small problem. The Jordan River stood between the Promised Land and the people of God. But no obstacle is too great for God. In an amazing demonstration of His power, God held back the Jordan River so the people could cross on dry land. Click here or on the image for activities related to this dramatic event.

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