Friday, June 9, 2017

Sunday School Activities

Wind and Flame (Readers Theater for Children)

Readers Theater is a fun and easy way to introduce drama into your children’s Bible teaching classrooms. Readers Theater is a combination of reading and performance with no sets or props. No one has to memorize lines and you don’t have to dig through the costume closet. All you need is a script and kids willing to read. Here's a Readers Theater script about the Day of Pentecost. Enjoy!

Jesus Began the Church

Not many days after the resurrection and ascension, the Holy Spirit was sent just as Jesus promised. This happened on the Day of Pentecost. After being filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter preached and around 3,000 were saved. The coming of the Spirit transformed Peter into one of the earliest leaders of the budding church. Click here or on the image for activities that highlight this important event and underscore the need for the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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Elisha Healed Naaman

God's love has never been limited to just the Hebrew people. From the very beginning, God desired to use His people, Israel, to bring redemption to all people. The story of Naaman being healed when he washed in the Jordan River illustrates this important truth for children. Click here on on the image for activities that will help kids understand that God loves all people.

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