Friday, April 28, 2017

Children's Bible Activities!

Bringing Christian History Alive for Kids

God’s work did not end with the 1st century AD. God’s activity in the affairs of humankind has been evident throughout Christian (Church) history. Bringing Christian history alive for kids will help children understand that God’s story continues to unfold and they have a place in it. Taking a few moments in each class to comment on things like how the Bible came to be, historical artifacts, historical figures, and what God continues to do around the world will greatly enhance your children’s Bible class. Here are some tips.

Jesus Met Nicodemus

Nicodemus, an important religious leader, came to Jesus by night to talk to him about spiritual things. Jesus told Nicodemus that in order to receive eternal life (enter the Kingdom of God), a person must be born spiritually. Click here or on the image for Bible lesson activities that highlight this important conversation in Jesus' ministry.

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The Last Supper

On the night Jesus was arrested, He first shared a special meal with His disciples. It was the Jewish Passover meal. That Passover meal became the last supper Jesus had with His disciples before His crucifixion. We also call it the Lord's supper and it helps us understand why Jesus came. Click hereor on the image for Bible Activities about this meal.

God Spoke to Samuel

Samuel was a prophet at a very important time in Israel's history. When Samuel was a boy, he was serving in the place of worship for God's people. One night God spoke to Samuel. Samuel listened and obeyed the voice of God. Click here or on the image for activities that will help children understand that God still speaks to people today, primarily through the Bible.

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