Friday, March 24, 2017

Children's Bible Activities

Resources and Supplies for Teaching Kids the Bible

Decreasing time and attention spans are driving parents and the conscientious children’s Bible teacher to be more deliberate and more creative, but that can be a good thing. We should be diligent and deliberate as we prepare to teach. Part of our preparation involves the use of supplies and other resources. Depending on the age of your children and your level of experience, you may need things from any of these categories to help you be your best. 

Jesus at the Temple

When Jesus was 12, He and His family went to Jerusalem for the Passover festival. On the way back home, Mary and Joseph noticed Jesus was missing and returned to look for Him. They found Him in the temple complex talking with the teachers there. The teachers were amazed. Click here or on the image to see activities about this event in Jesus' early life.

Instagram Reminders

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John the Baptist

God had a special plan for the prophet named John the Baptist. John would help prepare Israel for the Messiah's coming by encouraging the people to live holy lives. He also would identify Jesus as the Messiah. Click hereor on the image for activities that will help children learn about John and how he introduced Jesus, the Messiah.

Israel Rejected God as Their King

In 1 Samuel 8-10, we read that the leaders in Israel went to Samuel and demanded a king. This meant the people were rejecting God as their King. This made Samuel sad, but God told him to make Saul the king. Saul looked like the king the people thought they wanted, but he disappointed them. Click here or on the image for activities that will help kids learn that God always knows what is best for us.

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