Friday, February 3, 2017

Children's Bible Activities

Helping Kids with Bible Navigation

If you want children engaged in the Bible, they need to be able to find Scripture verses easily. This Bible skill is what we call Bible navigation. Bible navigation simply means a child is able to locate Bible references by easily “navigating” his or her way through the books, chapters, and verses of the Bible. Here are a few tips on how to help kids develop and master the Bible navigation skill


Nehemiah was an Israelite leader in the days following the Babylonian exile. The wall around Jerusalem needed to be rebuilt and the people needed to be encouraged. Nehemiah was instrumental in the project of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. Click here or on the image to see a list of activities about this important leader in Israel's history.

Instagram Reminders

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Gideon was a Judge in the period of time before Israel had kings. Gideon didn’t think God could use him to free Israel from her enemies, but God did. These Bible activities for kids will help children understand that God can use weak and flawed people and give them courage to accomplish great things. Click here or on the image for activities to help kids learn about this interesting man. 

Bible Character Activities

Sunday School Zone now has more than 1,200 free Bible activities on the site. Many of these activities are about specific characters found in the Bible. You can quickly see a list of all of the characters we cover on the site so you can easily find any activities we might have for that character. If someone isn't there yet, just give us time. We're addingnew activities every month so it may not be long until we have what you need. You're also welcome to contact usabout a character you'd like to see on the site. 

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