Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Psalm 59:16

Grandpa Tell Me 'Bout the Good 'ole Days!

Country Born

It was my Dad who told me about those good 'ole days! We had weekly lunches together for many years, and I asked him questions about his life, when he was growing up! My advice for everyone who still has their Grandfather or Father, is to ask questions about their life when they were growing up 

Wednesday Blessings

God's Beauty!

Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning!

Green Pots and Boxes Of Tulips

What Beauties!

Taken By Janalyn Voigt's Camera

Janalyn Voigt
Here's what I caught on camera in a moment of serendipity.

Think, Exercise, Eat, Work, Dance, Love, Be Happy!

I Am Truly Happy…


John 1:3

Renee Swope Quote

That's The Way It Is Today!

I Need God

Psalm 118:24

Only In God

In Case You Haven't Been Told

Be Still And Know!

Our Children Ask…

I Can Do This!

1 Samuel 16:7

Christians Wake Up!

Psalm 118:24

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bird House Peace Among the Flowering Vines!

W.B. Yeats Quote

Garden of Bright Images
Artwork: Albert Anker

May The Lord Bless You!

Luke 19:10

A True Friend!

Acts 4:12

A Word From LiLian Nneka Eneson

Garden of Inspiration
LiLian Nneka Eneson
A word for someone : You are wondering what is going on in your life because it seems as if you are facing one problem after another. The Lord says, I will turn things around for you. I am the Lord of your provision, I know the struggles that you have been through. Behold, I make all things new. My child,, I will help you. For I am a good and loving God. You are not forsaken, you are not rejected and you are not abandoned by Me. Stand on the promises that I have given to you. As you trust in Me, I will make the crooked paths straight. My child, many voices have been speaking words of fear. Do you think that I have failed you? I am positioning you. Don’t let the disappointment of the past hinder you. Be confident in everything you do, because I Am with you.I am the God that wipes away every tear. As you allow Me to Change you, I Will Change your story. My child, I am Opening new doors for you in this season. Refuse to be led by your emotions. I will heal your wounded soul says the Lord! Jeremiah 30:17:I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds.

The Brook Song by James Whitcomb Riley

Cozinest Hollow
The Brook Song
by James Whitcomb Riley
Little brook! Little brook!
You have such a happy look-
Such a very merry manner, as you swerve and curve and crook-
And your ripples, one and one,
Reach each other's hands and run
Like laughing little children in the sun!
Little brook, sing to me;
Sing about the bumblebee
That tumbled from a lily bell and grumbled mumblingly,
Because he wet the film
Of his wings, and had to swim,
While the water bugs raced round and laughed at him.
Little brook-sing a song
Of a leaf that sailed along
Down the golden-hearted center of your current swift and strong,
And a dragon fly that lit
On the tilting rim of it,
And rode away and wasn't scared a bit.
And sing-how oft in glee
Came a truant boy like me,
Who loved to lean and listen to your lilting melody,
Till the gurgle and refrain
Of your music in his brain
Wrought a happiness as keen to him as pain.
Little brook-laugh and leap!
Do not let the dreamer weep:
Sing him all the songs of summer till he sink in softest sleep;
And then sing soft and low
Through his dreams of long ago-
Sing back to him the rest he used to know!

Stopped By For a Spool Of Thread!

The Daily Seam

I Will Pray Everywhere

Helen K. Hosier Quote

Psalm 77 repeatedly uses the words "I remembered" or "I thought about." Though the psalmist couldn't see the way ahead, he could remember and think about what he knew. That saw him through.
It is wise to remember when facing hard things that Satan is alive and well on planet Earth, and discouragement is a powerful weapon in his arsenal.
I remember when my small son opened the door one foggy morning and came running to me, crying, "Mama, Mama, you can't see the morning!" And that's how it is sometimes - you can't see the morning or the day ahead. Events surrounding you have obscured the way, yet God remains faithful, and we can anchor our thoughts and our will in the facts. God is - He always has been and always will be. He remains steadfast and sure.
~ Helen K. Hosier

Nap Time!

Have a Great Day!

White Picket Fences and Flowers

Relaxing Day!